Personnel Information Sheet

Copy the questions below and paste them into an email message to Dr. Lodder with your responses.

1. Please give us your name, address, email address, Skype or other IM name, and cell phone number so we can contact you again.  Attach a copy of your resume or CV if you have one.

2. What hours and days are you available to work? How long do you see this schedule lasting?

3. Do you own a computer, and if so, what kind(s) and operating systems? Do you have an ISP, and if so, who and for what do you use them?

4. What truck or car do you drive, and do you have a license valid in Kentucky?

5. Please provide references (names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses) that we can contact.

6. Each week at group meeting, every member of the research group contributes an interesting news item about science to discuss at the meeting (we call this the weekly What's New in Science). The topic should be something that interests you. Many excellent sources of scientific material are now available online. The articles are often found in journals like Science, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Review Letters, or Nature. Use your own web space, SWEB, or search the web for a site that hosts web pages free of charge, and create a web page there with a one-paragraph summary of a scientific article and the actual article hyperlink for a What's New in Science. Include at least one image that helps to explain the article. Send the hyperlink to your What's New page in your email.

If you have a copy of your resume, please don't forget to attach it to your email or leave it with us. Thank you very much for stopping by to visit our laboratory.

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